November 28, 2019
Location: Hilton hotel, Kyiv, Ukraine
Since 2018 SBID Ukraine hosts a conference of interior design and business.

What about?

Interior design is a combination of form and function, visual appeal and utilitarianism. How are these combinations reflected in international standards? How do they change the principles of interior business? How Ukrainian design market is ready for the challenges of our time?

For whom

For designers, developers, architects, construction industry representatives, and manufacturers who want to keep their hands on the pulse of the profession and have ambitions to make their businesses part of the global industry.

There are many things about interior design. Why go to this one?

So, in Ukraine there are many conferences and lectures on interior design. However, none of them focuses on its business component.
This is the first such event in Ukraine.
Among the speakers are an experts who form international standards, as well as Ukrainian industry leaders. They do not just talk about the world of design - they give tips on how to be successful in it.

This conference is an opportunity to meet Ukrainian and foreign professionals working in the field of interior business. It is an experience exchange, called to form a common vision of the development of the industry and to prepare its business to go beyond the local market.


BUYER 20:20
Meet The Buyer – one day networking event that brings together the most important designers and architects to meet face to face with the best manufacturers.
For whom?
For developers, producers and representatives of construction industry who aim to establish contact with leading designers and architect.
Why this event?
Because it provides a dynamic and lucrative business environment carefully tailored to create, encourage and facilitate synergies that build key relationships.
This unique product introducrion presents industry suppliers with the opportunity to:

  • Showcase products - each supplier will have a meeting table and company branding with a dedicated hostess to facilitate additional ad-hoc meetings allowing you to demonstrate the quality of your products.

  • Network - meet a host of key buyers throughout the day.

  • Build key relationships - create new supply chains in a single day with face to face meetings providing opportunities to follow up with interested new leads.

  • Choose lunch seats - take professional networking to a new level by sharing the lunch table with partners of your choice.

About SBID Ukraine
The Society of British and International Design (SBID) is a professional accrediting organisation for the interior design industry in the UK and worldwide, representing a community of design professionals, including interior designers, architects, manufacturers and others involved with design related showrooms, construction and development companies.
The international community has more than 224,000 stakeholders in 45 countries, including Ukraine.