Continuing Professional
Continuing Professional Development (CPD)
is the way by which all professionals maintain and update their industry knowledge and skills after qualification. The Society of British International Design offers interior designers, architects; project managers and qualifying manufacturing companies the opportunity to attend or provide SBID certified CPDs. This is a constitutional requirement SBID provides and a pan industry service to encourage knowledge supply.

Professional development is carried out for the training and provision of data that will help the designer in their profession, with regard to the effectiveness of the product.
The programme promotes trading standards and provides design education through an array of industry-wide knowledge in short training modules.

Members of the SBID must accrue a minimum of 24 CPD learning hours through the point accrediting programme per annum to retain appellation as an accredited professional.
SBID Accredited
CPD ® Programme
for Interior Design CPD
SBID Accredited CPD ® Programme
In 2012 the SBID CPD ™ Accredited programme was created as an industry first by setting the educational standards for the profession of interior design with the aim of reducing industry complaints, impart product knowledge, business ethics and specific industry updates through postgraduate education and training to professional designers in practice.

By 2012, it was fully established and independently recognised as a teaching programme to the profession of interior design.
The program promotes industry standards and provides design knowledge across a wide range of disciplines, including:
  • Healthcare Design
  • Commercial Design
  • Office Design
  • Marine and Aeronautical Design
  • Residential Retrofit Design
  • Residential Development Design
  • Office Design
  • Government
  • Hospitality
What is the criteria for becoming an SBID CPD provider?
CPD providers must provide material that has been assessed for its knowledge and educational content as well as its relevance to SBID-accredited professional interior designers and architects (who have themselves achieved the highest measure of education and industry experience in Europe as assessed by the European Council of Interior Architects).
Ask about our extensive list of CPDs in areas such as lighting; electrical; energy consumption; KNX systems; flooring; tiles and stone; heating; security; building regulation and compliance; health & safety; furniture and bed manufacturing; wellbeing; wall-coverings; fabric; import & export; audio visual; sir conditioning; swimming pools, to name a few. have so many CPDs to offer on so many subjects, please do ask us if you don't see a specific item listed here
Upgrading competences
Your company will play a key role in increasing the competence and design standards.
Competitive advantage
SBID opens a dialogue between the CPD Partner and an audience of designers and architects from the point of view of credibility, which is confirmed by expertise and provides your company with a competitive edge.
Influence on the design industry
You can be influencer of the design industry, teaching interior designers and architects the latest innovative manufacturing processes, production technologies and current legislation.